Terms & Conditions

  1. Goods and services are provided by Power Steering Store
  2. When placing an order with Power Steering Store, you confirm that you are legally able to do so and you are aged 18 years or over
  3. When providing us with information or specification about an order, you confirm that any information given by you to us is correct and accurate
  4. The terms and conditions apply to all sales of Goods or Services provided by us
  5. If you purchase Goods or Services from us, no contract for the supply of Goods or Services will exist until we dispatch the Goods
  6. Each order from Power steering store constitutes a separate contract
  7. Any images, descriptions, specifications etc are given as an example of the product and we reserve the right to provide a modified version of the product, as long as the modification does not make the the product unsuitable for its intended usage. We reserve the right to alter any design or specification without prior notification
  8. Any documentation related to the goods or services provided to you will be subject to copyright and we reserve the right to retain that copyright. Any provided documentation may only be used in relation to the goods or services provided and we may ask you to return the documentation at any time
  9. Unless otherwise specified, any technical specifications should be considered to be approximations
  10. Any trademarks, logos or manufacturers markings on the product will not be removed, altered or defaced by the purchaser or anybody else
  11. If you provide us with specifications, drawings or information (in order for us to manufacture goods, or provide services) that infringes any other copyright or patents, you agree to compensate us for any costs or claims incurred by us
  12. We will not allow any video or sound recording on our premises without prior consent
  13. You have the right to cancel an order within 14 days. This 14 day period begins the day after you receive the product. You will receive a full refund when we receive the item back from you, provided it is in the exact condition that it was in when we sent it to you. The right to cancel an order is waived if the product has been made to your specification, or has been personalised so that it cannot be sold to anyone else. If you wish to cancel a contract, then you must do so either in writing or by telephone. The goods must be returned to us immediately at your cost and at your own risk. The product must be as it was when supplied. Damaged, scratched, bent or dirty goods will not be refunded. If goods were damaged in transit, it is your responsibilty to claim from your carrier
  14. Your statutory rights are not affected
  15. Prices will be as stated on our website, although we reserve the right to change any prices without prior notice. We reserve the right not to sell an item that has been priced incorrectly in error
  16. The price stated at the time of purchase will be the price that applies to that particular contract. In the event of a refund request, the amount paid at the time of purchase will the amount refunded, regardless of the current stated price. If a price is agreed in writing before you purchase the item, then the agreed amount will apply
  17. All prices stated include charges for standard delivery within the UK, by our chosen method and within our chosen timescale. If you require an alternative delivery method, then extra charges will apply. If you require delivery to outside of the United Kingdom, then extra charges will apply
  18. We will not give any discount or credit for goods that are collected from us rather than delivered to you
  19. All goods must be paid for in full, with cleared funds before they are dispatched
  20. Payment is to be via Paypal or by bank transfer. Cheques will be accepted, but must clear into our account before your order is dispatched
  21. In the event that a cheque does not clear into our account, we may charge a fee of £25 to cover bank and administration charges
  22. Delivery of goods will occur when the we make the goods available. They will be delivered to the address given by you at the time of payment
  23. While we make every effort to deliver your order in a timely manner, delays do occur and as such, any delivery time given must be considered to an estimate. If a delivery is more than 20 days late, then you will be entitled to cancel the order and receive a refund, or receive a replacement item
  24. We are not responsible for non delivery of goods
  25. If goods are discovered to be damaged on delivery, or are not as described,you must contact us within days of receipt
  26. If you do not take delivery of the goods and they are returned to us, then you will be liable for any redelivery costs incurred by us. They will be paid before the item is dispatched
  27. All goods carry a 12 month warranty
  28. If any fault develops with the product during the warranty period (which is not a product of misuse, omissions, or incorrect fitting by the user), then you must return the goods to us for evaluation and inspection. We will either repair or replace the goods (at our discretion). If the goods develop a fault outside of the warranty period, then we will repair or replace the item at the current standard cost of the item, as shown on our website. We will be given a reasonable amount of time to investigate any warranty claim
  29. We will not be liable for costs associated with returning items to us
  30. Items returned to us shall be properly and securely packaged
  31. Our warranty covers the replacement item. We will reimburse the full amount or provide a like for like replacement . We will not reimburse you for labour costs, car hire, loss of earnings, inconvenience or any other costs that may occur
  32. When we issue a refund, we will do it as soon as we can, but we reserve the right to refund at any time within the following 30 days of notice of cancellation. It is your responsibility to cover any costs incurred by you when returning goods to us. All refunds will be issued in the same medium as they were originally paid